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Discover Madeinterranea Suites Our hotel offers you an unrivaled luxury experience, we have the best quality
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Wonderful Suites Madeinterranea Suites has 12 deluxe rooms of different sizes and prices to meet
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[intro_section title_1=”Welcome to Madeinterranea Suites” title_2=”New Boutique Hotel in the heart of Malaga” description=”Madeinterranea Suites is a wonderful Boutique Hotel with 12 rooms in the heart of Malaga, protected by the government for its historical value.

Madeinterranea Suites allows the guests to live and enjoy the most authentic and traditional Málaga. The central neighborhood of the hotel, now of raging fashion, is perfectly communicated by public transport, which makes moving to any part of the city very simple. Perfectly located, this hotel is surrounded by an urban essence with Southern and Mediterranean touches.

Malaga is known for hosting all kinds of artistic concerns and being surrounded by art, bars, restaurants and museums, among others.” button_text=”Learn More” button_url=”/madeinterranea-suites/”]

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How to find us



If you need transportation from the airport, we can arrange you a transfer with a special fixed price of 23 Euros that can be paid at hotel. The transfer would pick you up at the airport exits and drop you at “Calle Carreteria, Esquina con Calle Andrés Pérez”. It is in only 50 meters from our property. Leaving the car, you walk straight on for 1 minute in the narrow street and find our hotel at our right side.


The historic center of Málaga is restricted to traffic and everything is within walking distance.

The best place for the taxi to drop you is: “Calle Carretería, Esquina con Calle Andrés Pérez”. It is in only 50 meters away from our property. When you leave the taxi, just go straight for 1 minute in the narrow street and find the hotel, located at your right.

If you come with your own car, one of the closest and economical parkings is called “Las Delicias” (Calle Don Rodrigo, 3) and it is 5 walking minutes away from our hotel and offers a special price to our guest (24 hours / 15 Euros).


You can also go by direct bus until the stop “Alameda Principal (Larios)”, which is in only 10 walking minutes from the hotel.

You can algo go by train until train stop “Centro Alameda”, which is in 15 walking minutes from the hotel.

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